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Apple Genuine Accessories Warranty Service

When to take accessory warranty service at CareS?

Available genuine Apple accessories

Apple accessories vary greatly, from sound devices (earbuds, headphones) to protective accessories (leather case, conventional case):

  • Earbuds and headphones
  • The battery charger and charging cable
  • Conventional phone cases and leather cases
  • Keyboards
  • Apple Care
  • Mice and trackpads
  • AirTags
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Watch bands
  • Apple Pencil

When to take accessory warranty service at CareS?

When your Apple accessories show malfunction and affect your usage negatively, check out the accessory warranty service at CareS. For any type of accessory, especially cases or cables and chargers, the user needs to present the purchase bill for that device to use warranty service. In this case:

  • For cases, chargers and charging cables: VAT invoice is required.
  • For chargers, charging cables and earbuds bought separately: VAT invoice is required for warranty.
  • For chargers, charging cables and earbuds contained in the phone's retail box: A phone purchase invoice is required for verification.

However, other accessories such as cases and watch bands will receive little warranty. If such an accessory shows defects, the user can take it to the nearest CareS for a quick examination and repair by our technicians.  

Get genuine Apple accessories at CareS

Repair and warranty may help your Apple accessories function normally. However, smartphone accessories tend to be small in size with a complex structure and therefore harder to repair. Because of this, whenever Apple accessories get broken, users can also purchase similar products at CareS. Click here.