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Apple Care service

Apple Authorized Service Center – CareS supports a genuine Apple Watch warranty and provides repair services for damaged products during use. If the Apple Watch is still under warranty and meets the manufacturer's conditions, any defects or damaged components will be repaired or replaced at no cost. 

If your device reaches warranty expiration or lacks warranty paper, feel free to use our repair services such as battery replacement, screen replacement, touch glass replacement, etc. At CareS, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, our professionalism from highly-skilled technicians will guarantee to bring you contentment.

What is the Apple Care Protection Plan?

In short, Apple Care is a service that extends the warranty period for your Apple device.

The Apple Care Protection Plan is currently available only for iPad and MacBook users. In this case:

  • iPad warranty period will be extended for one more year.
  • MacBook warranty period will be extended for two more years.

When you purchase an Apple Care Protection Plan for your device at CareS (Apple Authorized Service Provider), your device will be sanitized free of charge at the store.

Note: Before purchasing Apple Care, take your device to our store for a quick examination and to receive recommendations.